2021 Global CMT Research Convention

The basic pathology of CMT with Dr. Keith Fargo, CSO of the CMT Research Foundation

CMT1A Endgame with CMT Research Foundation
Board Member Peter deSilva

Progress in Academic Basic in CMT Research
Dr. Rob Burgess, The Jackson Laboratory

Becoming Part of the Solution - The Graf Family

Research Underway by Pharmaceutical Companies with
Dr. Keith Fargo, CSO of the CMT Research Foundation

Therapeutic Approaches Using Gene Therapy
Dr. Amanda Haidet-Philips, Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research

Therapeutic Potential of CLZ-2002 by Remyelination and Nerve Regeneration in C22 Mice
Dr. Sung-Chul Jung, Ewha Womans University

Questions and Answers with Dr. Amanda Haidet-Philip (Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research),
Dr. Sung-Chul (Ewha Womans University)
and Dr. Keith Fargo (CMT Research Foundation)

Preparing for Clinical Trials in CMT
Dr. David Herrmann, University of Rochester

Interventional Trials: Present and near Future
Dr. Mario Saporta, University of Miami

Patients Changing the Pace of Clinical Trials
Dr. Don Wood, CEO of Muscular Dystrophy Association

Questions and Answers with Drs. Wood, Herrmann and Saporta

An Overview of CMT1A - Dr. Bruce Carter, Vanderbilt University

Breakout session for other types of CMT
Dr. Brett McCray, Johns Hopkins University

Genetics of CMT: One Name, Many Diseases with
Shawna Feely, University of Iowa